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Personalize Your Box!

Posted by Mark Pavlyukovskyy on

Engraving Your Name on the Piper Toolbox?

Hey guys!

We’ve made a lot of progress since our last update. We’ll be posting updates on a weekly basis from now on so that you can see our progress as we get closer to shipping your Piper Toolboxes to you! :)

We've been hard at work finalizing the laser-cut box design and figuring out how to package the Piper Toolbox so that it’s durable and sturdy enough for shipping. We’ve also been thinking about additional features that we could include to allow you to personalize your Toolbox.

Here’s a preview of our latest box iteration:

Finalizing Piper Toolbox Design
Finalizing Piper Toolbox Design

As you can see, we’ve tweaked some of our original designs to make every step of the building and play-through experience as smooth and intuitive possible. We noticed that many of our play-testers wanted to leave the wires plugged in after they finished assembling the entire box. So we tweaked the design of the screen plate and the base so that you can leave them plugged in and still close your Toolbox and then resume playing later!

We also redesigned the experience of building a Minecraft controller box. Because this is your first interaction with the game, we wanted to make sure this was easy and fun for the player to do right away. We still use our original standard breadboard and electrical buttons that you would find at an electronics shop…but we just made it as easy as LEGO.

And here is what a fully assembled controller will look like!

Notice that we will have our logo on the powerbank :)

Piper Power!
Piper Power!

Engraving Your Name

As you know, 180 of you (our super early backers) will get all of your names engraved on theback panel of the limited-edition Kickstarter units. This was a very popular category, and we wanted to give everyone who backed the Kickstarter an opportunity to have your name engraved on the front of your Toolboxes as well. If you refer a friend to buy a Piper on our website here, just email Mark ( your friend's name and we will get your name (or your little maker’s name) engraved on the front of your Toolbox in time for your Christmas or April shipping. 

Thank you for helping us bring our Inventor's Toolboxes to kids all over the world!

Mark, Shree, and the Piper Team

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PPS. We will send out surveys by next week!

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